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Le Journal de Montréal 

Cinq très bonnes raisons de se doter d’une assurance habitation


Baromètre du marché résidentiel au 2e trimestre de  selon l'APCIQ


Several resources


Quebec Association of Construction and Housing Professionals

Finances and Taxation

Understanding the capital gain exemption on a principal residence


Several resources

Quebec Order of Land Surveyors

Several resources

Quebec Housing Authority

Several resources


Mortgage and Housing Corporation

TVA News

Three things to know about selling without legal warranty

Les Affaires

Real estate: what to watch out for in the longer term

Journal de Montréal

Precautions when inheriting a house

Journal de Montréal

Four tips when buying a condo

Les Affaires

buyers will regain some power when returning to normal

Les Affaires

Help resources for building owners

TVA Nouvelles

Sale of office towers: Montreal on its way to reaching new heights


Affordable homes will still be scarce in 2022

Montreal Gazette

Delean: Unresolved issues complicate estate settlement

La Relève

Home sales fall back to levels comparable to 2017

Journal Métro

Les flips immobiliers dans la ligne de mire de Québec


Léger ralentissement du marché immobilier à Québec

La Presse

Les prix ont baissé de 9 % depuis avril

Le Journal de Montréal 

L’assurance locataire, une pratique pas obligatoire, mais (très) utile

Les Affaires 

Immobilier résidentiel : les prix poursuivent leur croissance


Canadian Association of Movers

Chamber of Notaries of Quebec

Several resources

Home Depot



Several resources


Order of Chartered Appraisers of Quebec

Quebec land register online

Several resources

City of Montreal

Several resources

Canadian Real Estate Wealth

Condo demand slated to explode

TVA News

Real estate: what can be deducted from the sale?

Sutton Québec

What you should know about a sale without legal warranty

TVA Nouvelles

The rise in interest rates will have consequences


Op-Ed: A Simple Home Inspection Could Save Thousands in Post-Sale Costs


Relying on municipal assessment to buy a property is not a good idea!

Blogue de l'immobilier

How to buy back the share of the house of your spouse?

Les Affaires

Montreal and Quebec regions: sharp decline in property sales last month

Montreal Métro

Between the federal budget and rising rates, who wins and who loses? 

Global News

‘Perfect storm’ fueling inflation but ‘this is not the 1970s’: Bank of Canada deputy

Journal de Montréal

Falling house prices: this expert is reassuring

Journal de Montréal

Immobilier dans le Grand Montréal: recul prononcé des ventes au mois d’août

TVA Nouvelles

Recul prononcé des ventes immobilières au mois d’août

Les Affaires 

L'investissement résidentiel populaire pendant la pandémie

Quebec Association of Building Inspectors

Several resources

Montreal School Board

Several resources

Ministry of Human Resources

Energetic efficiency

anc. ACAIQ

Self-regulatory body for real estate brokerage in Quebec (


Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

Replace your wood fireplace?

Wood stove and fireplace removal and replacement program

Town of Mount-Royal

Several resources

TVA News

Capital gain and house sale


The new condo market in Montreal has not said its last word

Radio Canada

Montreal to replace 14,000 additional lead water inlets

La Relève

The real estate market hampered by the lack of properties


What to absolutely check before buying a condominium

Journal de Montréal

No more inspections of new homes


Increase in the average price of single-family homes by 15% in the Rivière-du-Loup sector

Revenu Québec


Journal de Montréal

Use the RAP to the maximum

Les Affaires

Despite a drop in sales, the real estate market remains active

Journal de Montréal

Pas facile d’être propriétaire d’une habitation en copropriété

Global News

Own a home? Here’s how to tackle soaring interest rates, monthly mortgage payments

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Contest your municipal assessment
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Owners will have 3 months to ban cannabis
Aging at home, room-by-room layout
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Avoid surprises when buying a first home
Code of honor of the real estate broker
Make good use of an inspection report
French drains
All about French drains
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Housing subsidies
Eight questions before buying a condo
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Sale without legal warranty: what you need to know
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Water, the enemy to be repelled from the house
Tax credit
Help for homeowners in the Leitao budget

Hidden screw

The screw hidden in a building


Neighbors, trees and fences: to each their own land

Advice Info

Concrete estate

Mortgage market

Small players are losing ground

Advice Info

Residential real estate


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